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Summerset is freezing up my PS4 and forcing it to auto shutdown

I get these random load screens just for running around, happens anywhere even if no one else is around. These random load screens can become "unuasally long load time" so long that it freezes up my ps4 and the ps4 will automatically shut itself down. Upon turning on ps4 it check system storage and tells me the ps4 was not properly shut down. And after the check and restart I get "A problem occured in the system software the last time the PS4 was used. (CE-36329-3)" Anyways this has happened several times since the release of summerset. This has never happened prior summerset. Not with any other games either. So i'm assuming something with summerset update is not sitting right with t he ps4 system software. Please find put what is causing this issue, i am afraid playing your game might mess up my PS4 or the Hard drive. I hate to have to redownload everthing...

Any other users getting this? Or is it just me...?
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  • eco_TR
    I am getting the long load screens also, but mostly in populated areas. It sometimes happens in a trial or in a dungeon finder, right when traveling into the dungeon. As you mentioned, started after summerset.

    If you wait for it, it sometimes comes back, but I did force shut down quiet a few times as well.
    My error log does not specify a certain failure and always refers to the same code, which is referring to eso.

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  • Cêltic421
    I wait, sometimes it will finish loading sometimes it would freeze up my ps4 and the ps4 shuts down on its own, i do not shut it down.
  • Cêltic421
    Just happened again. This time i loaded into summerset and ran to raz and he was talking to another npc then he walked into the watch tower and i was suppose to talk to raz inside the watch tower. I got to the location but he would not pop up, would not render. I knew it was the location because the white arrow was there and i bump into him even tho nothing was showing up. So waited couple minutes then out of no where ps4 restarted, check system storage then the CE-36329-3 error code.

    I can't be the only one that experience this issue. What can I do to fix this? Anyone?
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  • ZOS_BillE
    If you continue to encounter error CE-36329-3 while playing, there is a list of troubleshooting for this error on Playstations support site here.
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  • SpiderKnight
    Zos, do not close because it is being necroed, this is still an issue...

    Did you ever get this sorted out? Three times now in the past week I've gotten this error. I'm also being froze up after the ps4 gets the 34878 error, having to force shutdown my ps4, the past month it has been like this, two different ps4s and sshds, both wiped, no reason this is a ps4 hardware, software issue, sort this out Zos.
    Were you using the og hdd or other when this happened?
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