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Can’t download Summerset.

Soul Shriven
I Downloaded the Summerset update and now my game won’t launch. It freezers at the initial Summerset loading screen. I have done everything I can to get it to work except uninstall and reinstall. Reinstalling would be a 90gb download for me and that is not possible. I download less than a gig a hour and am capped at 100gb a month. I have requested and received a refund through Microsoft due to not being able to play the game. Are there any physical versions of Summerset with the game actually on the disc that I can install and not have a massive update?
  • ZOS_Bill

    Even a physical disc version of Summerset will require a substantial download and update as the latest patch will not be on the disc. If you do decide to install Summerset again and have issues doing so, please let us know.
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