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Cyrodiil keeps freezing ?

  • Tholian1
    So I deleted everything and reinstalled the game. Went back to Cyrodiil and after about 5 minutes, got booted back to the character selection screen. This game is broken.

    Edit - Still perma freezing that requires a complete shut down of the game.

    Edit 2 - I checked the error logs on my PS4 and there are no logs for the game freezes.
    Edited by Tholian1 on June 17, 2018 11:52PM
    PS4 Pro NA
  • geonsocal
    hey everyone - good to see so many cool folks hanging out here way down in the technical support dungeon...

    wow, things must be really *** up when most of the forum players are having to comment here...

    yeah, I think I'll skip on any action involving my console...

    fix this ***!!!

    stop releasing poor performing - not ready for release - product...
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  • Jake1576
    Still freezing i just want some information on when they are going to fix it
  • Cêltic421
    I freeze up or get stuck on loading screens and it will force my ps4 to shut down. Have to get up to start up ps4 and get have software error code. Get lag issues both audio and visual.
  • usmguy1234

    Might as well post my video. Wish I could have gotten more. Players flashing around the screen... couldn't hit them. I get ferocious leaped into oblivion... like my character actually disappears. If you watch near the keep door all the ep players are dead and the door is up... and then all the sudden people show up. I really don't know if it's exploit or the last patch or a combination of the two. Somehow ep has figured out how to bypass doors in the inner keep. Had a ep dk trolling everyone inside the keep because somehow he got in even though the rest of his group was trying to actively get the doors down.
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  • kilo_mds
    Soul Shriven
    I started reading this post in the hope that a logical explanation was posted by the devs , just to find out that they are just tryin to deny a error in theyr coding .

    Divide and conquer a strategy used by most IT engineers to troubleshoot most comon issues is just being ignored here .

    1 .freezes happen to multiple clients at same time therefor unlikely to be a client issue however we are told to reinstall a 60gb of game ?

    2 .some players where told to contact sony . Why ? When the freezes occur psn still works fine and you can switch game and keep using voip party chat and all psn services ! Why encourage customers to waste theyr time ?

    3 .Restarting the game will get you out of the freeze ... Yes until the next freeze sometimes straight after you log in ! This is no fix and yes it still happens when you reinstall the game or delete save data . ;)

    4 .most important fact in my opinion is that whyle the video feed freezes the game sound and chat do continue to work . Maybe a hint for the well payed devs to look into instead of tryin to decive ppl into useless standard troubleshooting tips ;)

    A game this big which almost requires a monthly fee to be able to enjoy the most of it should have Devs playin it and testing it 24/7 or at least hire players with a basic knowledge of how games and networks work reporting and giving usefull feedback wich i dont think is the case here considering the responses players are getting on this game breaking issue .

    Made this post in the hope to help as i am about to delete this game wich is just not working as intended .
  • dotme
    Hello everyone,

    The patch this week, in large part, contained fixes for crashes, some stuttering, and the 3-6+ second freezes that you could experience almost anywhere you went (you would eventually recover from those). This is not the same thing as when your client freezes due to almost any crash.

    Those fixes were addressed and pushed out quickly first, because they affected all platforms and almost all players. That doesn't mean we're done though. We're currently diving deep into console-specific crash reports so that we can knock those out. We're currently debugging/fixing crashes caused by:

    -Too many character load requests at once (like in Cyrodiil near a zerg)
    -Keep piece destruction, which would likely affect a number of you simultaneously
    -Queued loads for mounts that leave your client view by the time they are processed (more likely to happen in Cyrodiil loading into a keep)
    -Certain asset textures being applied at the wrong time (more likely to happen in our newer zones)
    -Various animation-related multithreading issues
    -GPU corruption in foliage

    And more. Please rest assured, while we don't always comment on posts, we are reading them. And yes, someone does read those comments you submit with crash reports! We definitely understand how frustrating crashes can be, there's nothing worse than having to dashboard your app when you just want to play the game, us included! Thank you everyone for your feedback and patience while we resolve these problems, we appreciate it.

    Posted June 22nd 2018 - Source:
    PS4Pro - NA Server - PSN: ASFDJ
  • Twohothardware
    I want the 3-6 second freezes back from before last Tuesday's patch. I could at least semi play in Cyrodiil. Since the patch I can't even play 10 minutes without hard lock freezing.

    The fact they keep breaking the game this bad every time they try to implement performance improvements shows this game is beyond being improved and anything changed only breaks more than it fixes.
    Edited by Twohothardware on June 27, 2018 4:51AM
    Soul Shriven
    ...still the same...can't play more than 5-10 minutes without it freezing and shutting down. Becoming a waste of time. So, if I can't play the game I paid for, what happens to the money I paid in?
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