PS4 EU - Cant login/fetch welcome message


I've been having this problem since yesterday afternoon ( 'round 17 UTC); when i attempt to login i get the "Login Failed" message (no err. No or whatever).
I've been regularry playng up to 'round 16.30 then i got DC (because i was standing still for too long) and couldn't relogin since then.

I've done the usual things, reboot PS4, router, switched IP etc. to no avail.

Oddly enough i CAN login in NA megaserver so my connection/net settings should be ok. It's like if the EU server it's just refusing me (it' doesn't look like a timeout; it just tells me that he can't connect within a -few secs looks like my client gets rejected while trying to connect).

This has been happening BOTH with morrowind (yesterday) than sumerset (today) clients.

While browsing in here n googling I did found someone having similiar problems (one server refusing hime/her while the other's working) but I've always seen these post closed/pointed to a more generic "can't login" thread (that does talk about login issues but not this one in particular which means that, if u have this problem, u found other kinds of solutions just more "generic".

I've already opened a ticket (for staff= #180604-002330) but i've been waiting for 17 hours and I'd like to know from other players as well (a lot of whom suffered from this appearently) if and how they solved it.

  • Philpennier26
    Soul Shriven
    I have the Same problem from yesterday it said could not retrieve anouncements in eu server all my friends is online but me i can't
  • Noldornir
    Figured it out and find a way to get in.

    In my case fault lied in ISP are you by ay chanche italian and connecting with TIM?

    If so you need to change the DNS used (from your ps4 menu) and use this:


    doing this you will tell your PS4 not to use DNS server of your ISP but google's ones (these server are the ones that "translate" a domain name to an ip address; at the moment TIM is thinking that ESO PS4 megaserver have another IP and so are "bringing the connection to the wrong place")

    You might want to try this even if this is not your case
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