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Imperfect Roe (Social/PvE + Discord)(NO WEEKLY DUES) - accepting new and veteran members

Imperfect Roe is a new guild with dedicated players, and a strong social community.


We accept all types of players, so whether you are a newcomer to ESO who needs some help, or a veteran who wants to give it, we have a friendly and non-judgemental place for you! We are primarily a social/PvE guild, but over time we plan to progress together as a team to do more, and to tackle the more difficult content together!

We have approximately 300 members so far, but we have very optimistic ideas, great management, and we are growing fast! We also use the Discord app for PC or smartphone to communicate, set up events, help each other, and much more!

We host various events such as World Boss, Skyshard/Lorebook and Dungeon runs, and also several group farming events. We have Master Crafters that can craft your gear, food, potions and glyphs, and we can also help you achieve your own Master Crafter status! Trial runs are planned weekly. We have a weekly raffle for a chance to win gold and prizes! We try to have a trader every week, if we can gather the funds. We have a guild hall, with target dummies, crafting tables, and a transmute station!

Our preferred source of communication is through Discord. Our invite link is located in the guild's Message of the Day in game.

We are a no fee guild. Donations to maintain the guild trader are always appreciated.

If this sounds like the guild for you, please message DrNezbit87 or pacfrog2000 on PSN or leave a message here, and an invite will be sent.

Looking for a home? Join Imperfect Roe!
Edited by b_nuc on August 28, 2018 11:31PM
  • tyjeon19
    I’m just returning from the game, this sounds like a great environment for me; I’m interested in joining.

    PSN; tyjeon19
  • b_nuc
    Sounds good tyjeon19, invite coming your way!
  • b_nuc
    If you still would like an invite, you need to create an empty guild slot for us! Please message one of the PSN tags in the original post for your invite when you are ready.
  • ibecheshirecat
    Soul Shriven
    This guild is awesome all the way around.
  • Swelch2448
    Sounds interesting add me

    PSN: swelch2448
  • Deadendsaint
    Soul Shriven
    Everyone in the guild is helpful and usually quick to answer questions in discord. So far its my favorite guild Ive been a part of
  • pcombs323
    Soul Shriven
    We are all are good people we all have and are very helpful whether it be leveling ,crafting ,build help and dungeons so come join us you’re missing out
  • dannybotz7
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there
    Would like to join
    PSN. SonOfaTook

  • mikemw68b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    hi i would love to join but i am new at this not sure to go about it
  • mikemw68b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    My Psn is Mikemw68
  • BlackStar300
    I would like an invite to test the waters of the guild! I'm a veteran player with some spots open! The PSN is BlackStar300 (L is an i)
  • CandyZombieLolli
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like to join. S/N is same as above.
  • grave1986
    Soul Shriven
    can i get an invite?

    PSN Gravespecter
  • b_nuc
    Invites will be sent as soon as possible!
  • flare326
    just joined, and this guild is great. everyone is super friendly and helpful to everyone
    PSN - Flare325, hit me up if you want to play!

    dps players whose always up for activities
  • pcombs323
    Soul Shriven
    Join us we have a lot of fin and we welcome everyone we do not descriminate all players and levels welcome
  • Blackjak-33
    Returning original player and would like an invite as all my old guilds have disbanded. Have a few maxed crafting skills, but bare with me because I recently switched roles from tank to dps on my main lol . IGN: Blackjak
    PSN Blackjak33
    Edited by Blackjak-33 on July 13, 2018 11:45PM
  • b_nuc
    Invite will be sent as soon as possible! Welcome to Imperfect Roe!
  • bertainian86
    Soul Shriven
    Id like to join, looking for trials, dungeons i main a templar healer

    Psn diablos78201
  • newhealthrock
    Soul Shriven
    Add me please! PSN: newhealthrock
  • b_nuc
    Invites on the way!
    Soul Shriven
    I'm a returning player who hasn't played since the thieves guild came out. I'm cp 560. When I quit all my character were set up for endgame. I have a NB(DPS), SORC(DPS), TEMP(HEALS), and a DK(TANK). I'm looking for a guild to help me get caught back up and doing endgame content with again. My PSN is F1GHT3DUP.
    Edited by F1GHT3DUP on August 24, 2018 3:12PM
  • Shyni_gami
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for an active social guild to join. 750 cp
    PSN Shyni_gami
  • HobosStoleMyFood
    Soul Shriven
    Returning casual player here who just recently got back onto eso. I'm looking for a place where I can start learning the more intricate parts of this game and this guild seems like a pretty awesome group.

    My PSN is HobosStoleMyFood if you would have me :)
  • b_nuc
    Invites being sent!
  • glyndon
    Soul Shriven
    That sounds very welcoming.
    PSN Glyndarling
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