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Creation of the Greybeards

Were the Greybeards founded before, during, or after the Three Banners War?
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Before. Back in the First Era.
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  • vegabondgamer
    The Grey beards when they first started were called "smooth as a baby bottoms," in their earlier years.
  • Bruccius
    Way before, look up Jurgen Windcaller, he's their founder.
  • Almakor
    I hope they eventually appear in ESO.
  • Stygies_VIII
    They were founded in the First Era by Jurgen Windcaller after he realized the thu'um should not be used for war. Here is some insight into that.
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  • ZOS_Chris
    Community Rep
    Thank you to everyone who provided answers here, it's greatly appreciated!

    As many of you have noted, The Greybeards were formed by Jurgen Windcaller (Later called Jurgen the Calm) after he spent years pondering the reasons why his army was destroyed during the War of Succession.

    Like Stygies_VIII mentioned, (Thanks for the link too!) Jurgen came to realise that misuse of the Thu'um (weaponizing it) was what made the Nord gods turn away from them, and so he formed the Greybeards out of a pacifist idea, in which the Thu'um would only be used to pray and worship their gods.

    Super interesting stuff, we could honestly read about the lore for days on end!
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