Mud crab farmers in Alik'r Desert PS4 NA


On PS4, Will anything ever be done about the mud crab farmers in Alik'r desert just left of Sentinel. They always seem to be there, in the same spot, 3-4 characters all level 4-6. They never move only cast the same 2-3 spells over and over to agro and kill the mud crabs. I watched them for over a half hour today and they just do the same thing over and over. Could not get them to interact with me. I am guessing they are "botting" and have a script of some sort running or are on a modified programmable controller. Most likely farming the mud crab mats to sell for real $ or on a Guild vendor for gold.

I did submit a ticket.
Edited by Willard on May 30, 2018 5:09PM
  • Wmply
    Soul Shriven
    Same thing happening on Xbox
  • Pops_ND_Irish
    Try pulling the enemies, near by, to their group. It seems to stun them
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