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Anyone else bothered by the desicions regarding the fates of these characters? Spoilers inside.

Spoilers for the main Summerset quest, as well as the Psijic skill line quest:

Did anyone else raise an eyebrow at the fact that Leythen was allowed to remain in Artaeum, albeit confined to the island, as punishment for his actions, whereas Josajeh was exiled for hers? At least Josajeh meddled with the Staff to right the wrongs that happened to her family, and she never intended to hurt anyone. Leythen on the other hand, was a willing member of a Daedric Cult, apparently instrumental in implementing their plans in bringing down Summerset, and not in the slightest repentant for his involvement. I realize Josajeh's actions could have been potentially catastrophic, but the decision of the Ritemaster to keep Leythen on the island while ordering Josajeh to exile doesn't sit very well with me at all. Thoughts?
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