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Enticing Possible Returnees

Soul Shriven
Evening! I just returned from my first year at college for the summer and found myself in the need of a game to heavily grind for the summer. I obviously came looking at ESO again as I had an enjoyable time in the game in the past. That being said with Summerset now being out it will cost me a total of $45 if I wish to rejoin and play again unrestricted. For me it is simply unfeasible to play without an ESO+ subscription and obviously I'm going to want to have access to the new Trial/Dungeon content. $45 is just a little pricey for me to recommit to a game that I've already payed for time and time again. That being said I have a simple suggestion. I understand you are a company and your goal is to make money. I also understand that most mmos are much more expensive to start playing which already puts you guys ahead. However, If you added a month of ESO+ to your digital upgrade option I think you would be able to entice some of your old semi-hardcore to hardcore players to return. Especially in a time where the mmo scene is so dry and it looks as though it will remain that way for at least another year. Just a suggestion from a former player, take it as you will.
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  • idk
    If they added a month of play time to the expansion it would cost more.

    Zos has pondered the pricing and has taken much into consideration. They likely chose to not include some ESO+ time to keep the price down a little bit. Essentially they put a value on it and it is what it is.

    It seems like Zos could add a month without costing them any money, but it clearly would. For starters Zos would lose revenue from all those subscribed and that is the biggest revenue per month per players.
  • heaven13
    What would happen to those who already have a subscription and purchase the digital upgrade? Especially if they purchase through another site rather than ESO directly? Would they add a month and skip your next renewal? Or would current subs get a 'too bad, so sad' emoji shrug like the owners of Morrowind got when it was included in Summerset?

    Though I understand why you'd want this, I don't see it being a win for a lot of people, or enough of a cost offset to be beneficial to ZOS.
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