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Question about steam..

hello, i have the game purchased on the official site, but i want to buy crowns and membership plus on the steam this possible?? steam gives me a code to redeem it on the official website or how would the process work? graces
  • MrKit
    Me too. I linked the two. I bought it through Bethesda and linked the accounts, or so it says, but Steam doesn't track my play stats and seems to think I never purchased ESO. How can I convince Steam that I have ESO and have it work with my ESO account?
  • Denohk
    I'm the same, if you find the solution, give me a hand please
  • DanteYoda
    No don't do it.. they are different services even though they are the same game..

    Either buy steam ESO and ESO+ or go retail and retail ESO+ mixing will just cause issues imo..
  • Yigrok
    Why even play ESO through steam? :D Get in normally through the ZoS launcher :D it's better that way, third party is never a good idea.
  • Denohk
    Easy, because in steam it is cheaper to buy crowns and expansions...
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