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Dd gearset

Hi all whats a good dd gear set for a sorcerer?
  • Stygies_VIII
    Magnus' Gift or Seducer set pieces, if you are going for a dps magicka-based Sorc
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  • idk
    Are you mag or stam? How will you use the character?

    What he replied with is great for magicka that is leveling or just tooling around. Not good sets for serious damage since they are sustain sets and certainly the wrong sets for stamina.
    Edited by idk on May 26, 2018 11:38PM
    Really, idk
  • VaranisArano
    If you need a crafted set, Julianos is a solid standby.
    If a pet sorc, Necropotence is good boosting your damage through boosting your max magicka.
    For a monster set, I like Illambris for general use.

    Otherwise, I'd recommend checking build sites like Alcast's to see what they suggest. Alcast in particular looks at a variety of gear sets, since not everyone can get trials gear.
    Edited by VaranisArano on May 27, 2018 12:15PM
  • Jillzx
    Thanks guys
    Its for mag. I do dungeons and trails. :)
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