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Perma load screens, Invis teammates and 3v3v4

WTF Zos. Just had a BG 3v3v4. Couls not see either person on my team and every death a perma load screen. GG
  • ak_pvp
    Had a similar issue. Not a perma loadscreen, but a long one, and many players were "dead" trailing across the floor so I couldn't hit them with direct damage, only AoEs, but they could hit me.

    Been happening since morrowind.
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  • Edziu
    have same issues
    I have very often invisible teammete without even group mark to see where he stand/going
    and if Im a bit away from respawn when need loading screen after die to spawn again I have also almost in ever 2nd or 3rd match loading screen for fewm mins..and when its anding I hav eonly seconds to move before got kick for inactivity on bg because of loading screen lol
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  • ShadowMonarch
  • Gralor
    Same here. Occured even before Summerset launched.

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  • Cinbri
    It is sad that that this problem didnt fixed this update. Instead we more bugs like invisible enemies or once again unbrekable Fear.
  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    Also having this problem... super frustrating :\
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  • brandonv516
    Someone told me earlier that the invisible enemy bug happens when you are still waiting for a teammate to load in.
  • Thogard
    Invisible teammates is caused by the game incorrectly thinking it already rendered and cached your groupmates appearance. If you group with someone and they’re in a separate instance, they’ll show as in the ground. Normally a char model gets rendered and cached when they enter a certain range (usually a little past clipping range), but if your groupmate teleports straight to you then they will never cross over that “rendering” barrier and will stay as an arrow / nameplate in the ground. The system thinks they’re already rendered, but they aren’t, and they haven’t triggered the event of exiting/entering clipping range that will cause them to rerender.

    So to reiterate - because your groupmate is in your group and standing next to you, and never passes through the “clip range” boundary, the renderer doesn’t bother to render him again.. instead it just pulls from the cache.... that’s what the cache is for. But the cached file of your group mate is blank. It doesn’t exist except as the same image of him from when he was in a different instance.

    So this is a problem for sure... but what makes it infinitely worse is that the ZONING/LOADING algorithm actually does a full check to see if your groupmate’s character model is fully rendered. It’s not... so the loading program tries to render the model. The only problem is that this second time around there’s now a cached image (albeit invisible), so the renderer aborts and tells the loading screen “I’m done!”. Loading screen says “nope! Still a blank file” and this repeats infinitely. This is why /reloadui doesn’t work - reloading UI won’t affect your cache. But this IS why the only way to fix it is to run away from each other, out of Clip range, and then run back.. forcing a rerender by going through the clip range barrier.

    Then about a year ago ZOS changed to code to prevent any loading screen from being more than 5 minutes. They set it so that if you’re stuck in one for a while, it’ll just start reloading EVERYTHING. Then it’ll force start the game. What’s funny is that it takes a long time to reload everything, but it seems to force start the game before it finishes... so when you have an infinite loading screen that ends, when you come back, it often looks terrible... half rendered at best.

    Note: cyrodil is actually made of a ton of linked instances which is why you get this all the time in cyro.
    Edited by Thogard on May 31, 2018 11:15PM
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  • Tesfa
    This happens very often to me too. A bit too often. Especially load screens. MAJORITY of the time invis players follow long load screens.
  • Anethum
    avoided this crap bug last 2 times with /stuck when it started. and one time my unstuck loading screen was too long andfinished with loggin out from bg with a deserter penalty.
    @Anethum from .ua
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