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Gifting a house that I have already purchased???

As far as I can see, once something has been purchased on my account, the option to buy one as a gift is no longer available.
Is this a bug?
If not is is unfortunate, as I was hoping to use this option for a guild event prize.

I am assumming that the reason is that IF you buy something as a gift, then if it is NOT claimed you get the gift returned but NOT the crowns used to purchase it.

This does eliminate a lot of potential gifting for me at least... LOL and in the long run I think ESO may stand to lose some sales.
Edited by Ekoe1954 on May 26, 2018 7:30PM
  • Vehlir
    You unfortunately can't gift houses at all in any form. You can't gift houses irregardless of whether you own them or not. They are one of the things that are entirely non gift-able
    Edited by Vehlir on May 26, 2018 9:00PM
  • Donari
    It's probably because any limited number permanent account upgrades are a nightmare for CS to deal with gifting on, given the recipient may already have the unlock and be unable to receive. ESO seems to have dodged some of that by having gifts return to the sender if not accepted, but since houses work as an instant unlock rather than an interactable item that unlocks them, the coding to make them giftable would likely not be trivial.
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