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Fed up with constant disconnects

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please fix your game, fix it so I don’t have to constantly sit trying to reload my game because the connection has dropped out at your end, please fix it so I don’t have to spend/waste time with attempts to login because your servers can’t handle the load, and please don’t even try tell me it’s my internet or my PS4 that’s at fault, because I will call you on the “bs” (still trying to be polite) excuses you’ll try and use. No other games I have experience these types of lag or disconnect issues. Just the Elder Scrolls Online. And it’s beyond frustrating. I spend so much time in a loading screen only to find that I’m then kicked out of the instance and have to go attempt it again.

No excuses, just fix it please.
  • Tezz001
    Actually I’m beyond fed up now, at a point where I’m considering quitting the game again and demanding a full refund and compensation for lost time, yes I know both of these are unlikely and I’m more likely to look out my window and see a leprechaun sitting on a unicorn at the end of a rainbow counting the gold that is in the pot. Point is WE (all of those of us who suffer constant disconnects) are at the end of our tethers and likely to disconnect from sanity soon.
  • shiningforce
    I completely understand where you are coming from. I will be anywhere in the game and I will all of a sudden be disconnected from ESO. I can play ANY online game and be completely connected all day long with Zero issues. I just played ARK for 8 months straight online without any issues and WoW.

    They Boast 11 Million subscribers yet will not fix this issue. It is their megaserver. I cant even window out for a minute to look at something online without getting disconnected.

    -(PC player)_
    -- It is easy to be a Jerk Online; what do you win? Being Kind people remember you, help you, befriend you and you feel good too.
  • Mefromnorway
    Omg now must you fix load time this is so xxxxxxcc terrible. I play with ps4 pro and have 350mb internet speed. Just for fun i waited for this last load to see how long took 14 min 24 sec, normal i turn off and restart game but this is so frustration. Gama looks like in beta modus. It's in summerset this loadproblem are.
    Edited by Mefromnorway on June 23, 2018 3:25PM
    Have fun and dont be rude. Im Norwegian so im sorry for my spelling, but hope u understand.
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