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[Soul Healers] (PS4-NA) [Trials and Social Guild] [Free]

Message: GOLDEN_TOE_707 on PSN if interested

Soul Healers is a Trials and Social Guild recruiting members! We run atleast one Trial event as a guild a week, until we grow and get more members.

It’s completley FREE!! Donations are not required but help the guild.

We want to help players learn Trials and help them complete them and get the gear that hey need! Also want to have experienced players that can help us achieve that goal.

We are young and looking to grow and need experienced players to help take on those leadership roles.

We have a guild hall with a target dummy, and access to a guild bank and guild store.

Currently working on getting a guild trader.
  • sassaroth
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there. Name is Sassaroth.You can call me Sass. (Sassaroth PSN name)
    I have a cat by the name of Nokori on ESO.
    I was playing a few years back, one of the beta testers. Played for a bit then things changed for a while.
    I am looking to join one trading guild and one social guild and this seems good.

    I am a full time writer, so I can't play every day. Don't ;et that fool you, I type atrociously. My typing is war crime in three countries. I am looking 2 to 3 good days each week, mostly weekends. I am working on my second novel. I have to start fresh with Nokori. But it is fun.

    I am a war vet, so I have some good stories. well... I will tell you the good ones. If you have room, I have puns. I would love to share my PUNishments with you. I will send you a message.
  • GOLDEN_TOE_707
    That sounds great!! If you can’t be on all the time that’s fine, and I’ll send you an invite when I get the chance! Hope all goes well with your novel.
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