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FIX for the white box / cursor sticking bug for Mac OSX High Sierra

Soul Shriven
My wife had this issue after updating her Macbook Air, and this was the fix I found:

Go to accessibility settings -> Display, and increase the cursor size. Any amount will do, just more than the default.


Here is where I found out about this fix:
  • ToxicBurn
    Soul Shriven
    This issue is on Mojave as well. Not sure about Catalina. But one would assume so.
  • artemlebedkoeb17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Unfortunately, none of the above helped. I played with a monitor resolution - but it's all useless. For example, in the World of Warcraft or Left 4 Dead, there has never been such a problem.

    Mac mini 2018 + eGPU rx570
  • rynezuzi
    Soul Shriven
    try increasing your mouse pointer size in the accessibility settings
  • BrokenAccidentalStar
    Can confirm that this is still an issue, only when I use my MacBook Pro with the external monitor I just bought. The Cursor Size fix works, but I don't love that I have to do that. :( I like having a tiny cursor, lol.
  • keto3000

    This is still the best fix, even in Catalina!

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  • ZOS_Bill
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