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PS4 NA Blacklisted Bandits

Blacklisted Bandits guild (CP 600+) small guild looking for great players who want to clear content and focus on specializing with a small 30 max player guild for trials and other in game content. We are looking for players who’s DPS minimum is 35k on any character. Tanks and healers welcome. Must have discord.

Please see my YouTube for my DPS builds on any class Stam or Mag. I will help you as long as you show commitment.

My goal is to train people to get ready for the upcoming Summerset DLC. Please comment with your PSN account name or join my discord temporary link provided below:

I'm all about growth in the game.
  • Das_Phyllis
    Looking for vet trials groups, I have a tank and stam/mag DPS. PSN: Das_Phyllis
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