Mod that shows Resistance etc

Is their a mod that shows like Fire, Ice Resistance, damage reduction etc? It irks me that I put points into the Champion systems and can't see an actual total of resistance, damage reduction based on Champion, Armor, Set bonus etc
  • Banana
    If your on PC this one gives you a bit more info
  • Crimsonorion
    Hmm, thats what I want but it doesn't seem to show everything, like I've got 11% Flame, Shock, Magic, Physical, Frost and Oblivion from Champion, but on my start screen I have 0 for all the resistances, except the 2079 I get from Dunmer Racial.
  • Reorx_Holybeard
    CP damage resistance stats are different than the elemental resistances you see on your character sheet with Harvens. Elemental resistances get added to your spell/physical resistance and then the CP elemental resistance is applied.

    The game only tracks a small set of stats itself and doesn't give you access to stats like CP'd have to do it all manually and that is a huge pain (which is what we do for our build editor).
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  • ZioGio
    Try MitigationPercent.

    This addon displays the mitigation that your resistances provide in percent in the character screen, inventory and/or as a movable panel. It also displays penetration stats.
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