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Join We Are One Reds Rule Guild

Soul Shriven
We are one, is now recruiting come join our newest guild with many vet members,
we are a Pve and PvP guild

To participate in guild PVP you must be Ebon Heart.
Our main focus is to have players who want to help keep the guild active throughout the week. Events we would like to have:
- Daily Undaunted Pledges (Normal & Veteran Dungeons)
- Skyshard
- Dueling competitions
- Gear Farming
- General help and leveling
- And eventually Trials
We will eventually get big enough to obtain a guild trader...
There is also a guild hall for all your crafting and training needs.
So if you are interested please leave me your PSN name and I would be happy to invite you or you can reach me on my PSN at keezyfrmcinco
we are located on the NA server..

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