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Special Furnishings - what are they?

Soul Shriven

"Special Furnishings 0/10"

what are they? ive placed almost everything i can think of and nothing fills this category, does anyone know what they are or examples of them?
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  • Jthomas56
    mists of the hag fen, it is the only special furnishing. Maybe the new butterflies are but I don't know for sure because I didn't buy the new furniture package.
  • Shadowfell
    The butterflies (both of them) count as special and as said the hag fen mists are.
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  • VivianTheUnrede
    The butterfly swarms are not special. I have a blue butterfly swarm in Serenity Falls and there are still 0 special furnishings.
  • Mr_Wolfe
    Apparently the banker, merchant, and fence count. Dunno what else but apparently I'm 10/10 at my primary residence and had to put away my fence to make room for the banker. XP
  • xericdx
    Banker and Merchants are not Special Collectibles?
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  • Mr_Wolfe
    xericdx wrote: »
    Banker and Merchants are not Special Collectibles?

    Apparently they are. Just checked at my house and the banker, merchant, and smuggler all count as 'Special Collectibles.' Dunno what the other 8 ones I have out are.


    Did some more testing, apparently mounts and non-combat pets are special collectibles too.
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  • Elara_Northwind
    malatorius wrote: »

    "Special Furnishings 0/10"

    what are they? ive placed almost everything i can think of and nothing fills this category, does anyone know what they are or examples of them?

    The special furnishings are usually the pets and mounts, but also a few other bits count, like the mists. I wish the mists did not count, as I like to fill my houses up with pets, even the spooky ones :grin:
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  • kind_hero
    Two special collectibles that I found: the wild hunt crate ancestor moth swarm (pet), and the gryphon fledgling pet that you get with Summerset. Also stuff that you get as bonus or from quests counts, but it is still foggy for me.

    I don't understand why there is a limit for these?
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  • Jezzabell
    Soul Shriven
    Just wondering why there is not an official listing of what is what in the housing editor. It would answer all these questions. Why Zos, Why???
  • Jayne_Doe
    Special collectibles are the assistants, pets, and mounts.

    Collectible furnishings are the busts, trophies, and furnishings we've gotten as quest rewards (Vvardenfell Scale Model, e.g.) and from ESO+ (Vivec Statuette, e.g.).

    Special furnishings so far have been the Mists of the Hag Fen. I think it's for SFX type furnishings. These are furnishings that take up a slot in your inventory/bank/storage container if they aren't placed in your home. I'm not aware of any other Special Furnishings outside of the Mists, but then I don't shop the Housing Editor very often. I would suspect that we will get other such furnishings in the future and they will likely be items that have some sort of special movement or effect.
  • MasterSpatula
    I am necro'ing this very old thread because I have a Lantern Mantis from Murrkmire (goes in Services>Traps) that is a Special Furnishing.
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  • ZOS_TrishM

    We have gone ahead and closed this thread down since it is rather old. There is a current thread opened on Special Furnishings and you may continue the discussion here.

    Thank you for your understanding
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