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Thanks zos for amazing contest!

I think we all had a lot of fun with it! Saw so many amazing photos! :o


Check out what people have done! (all pictures everyone submitted above!) Here's my dou picture that never got seen (it' s breaking rules)


So yes bragging now for a bit! We my group is 1/3 grand prize winning groups! This is a Moonlight Traveler guild photo for most part. It was a guild event I held with Juzkin my right hand adviser for past two years. Juzkin is one who took photo and came um with design concept. People wanted and either got a place of minion or sacrifice. A lot of was inspiration of moment in emotes but juzkin made sure to keep us in position. I told him though this was proof he had talent in this and I am just not always saying that. (he takes all my solo photos I post cause mine or well bad)

~ mini story to how I found this out

J : So you know that group photo?

T: yeah...

J: I submitted wrong one

T " :worried: a different group photo...different people....

J: Hahah did I get you worried it was this one


The one that was supposed to be submitted. (below) This one has a volcano memento controlling the lighting.


P.S xD now selling Juzkin's picture skills. It's for greater good so he gets more pratice.
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