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[PC/EU] Eastern Dragons (Ebonheart Pact PvP) (vet trials PvE)

Hello and thanks for reading!

Eastern Dragons is a newly started guild which will be focussing on both pvp and pve content. We're based on the Ebonheart Pact for pvp purposes, but are open for everyone to join. Our guild stands for having fun and enjoy ESO together.

The guild aims to be active in cyrodiil, the sewers and also the battleground for smaller groups. If you're looking for a guild fighting for the pact then you're with the right guild here!
* At least one character above lvl 10, Ebonheart Pact
* A friendly and helpfull attitude

Along with the pvp content, the guild also will be active with pve content. Along with running dungeons together we also will setup a trials core-group. As our aim with this group is to run veteran trials without pushing each other to the limits, we're forced to set some requirements for our trialgroup:
* Experienced with all veteran craglorn trials
* Some experience with vmol/vAS preffered (yes, we want to focus on these too)
* ~30k dps for a dummy or ~40k dps on trial bosses (as DD)
* SPC along with sets like jorvulds/worm/mending (as Heal)
* Summerset expansion (for the Cloudrest trial upcoming!)
* A friendly and patient attitude

We hope to welcome you soon!

@Rocki1983 (pvp lead)
@Tinus_92 (trials lead)
Edited by Tinus_92 on May 6, 2018 7:20AM
PC/EU - 810CP+ (Main; Magplar PvE dps)
PvE: > vAA HM - vSO HM - vHRC HM - vHoF HM (121,529 pre-HotR) - vMoL HM (160,738 pre-morrowind) - vAS+1 - vCR +1
Guilds: Eastern Dragons (PvP/PvE) - Ghost & Goblins (Endgame PvE, retired) - Late Night Dungeoneers (Endgame PvE) - Dragonia (Casual PvE, NL/BE) - Colovian Brothers (Endgame PvE, NL/BE)

PC/NA - 400CP+
PvE: > nAA, nSO, etc.
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