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Is there a way to change color of price range for items that do not have any MM price?

Soul Shriven
Currently, with Awesome Guild Store and Master Merchant, there is an option to compare prices in the guild store and current MM price. I do believe it is called a range deal. Now, I like that system, but what I do not like is that, items with no MM sales are displayed green with 0.00% on deal range. Is there a way to change that, so items with no MM are displayed in white color instead of default green?
  • Tucker3711
    I don't believe it is possible to tweak the game that far... But I'm not sure...
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  • calia1120
    Probably better to make this request on the comments page of the addon on ESOUI
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  • Red_Nine
    You can probably tweak MasterMerchant_DealCalc.lua but be sure to make a backup copy before you change anything. Turns out the formula for calculating the deal ranges varies by sales volume, so it will take a little bit of patience to work it out, but it's not terribly complicated.
  • zyk
    I believe the 'No Data Deal Rating' MM setting might be what you're looking for.
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