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Elder Scrolls Exchange - A Top Trading Guild (180M+/wk Sales) Seeking Ambitious Players!


Elder Scrolls Exchange is part of a large network of trade & mercantile guilds with the goal of advancing the economy of The Elder Scrolls Online by enabling an open and social community for all types of players to sell their merchandise. Our network is spread across 6+ top trading cities & all of the guilds are cross alliance. If you want to do 100k+, 500k+, or even 1M+ weekly sales then ESE is the place for you. If interested, please leave a reply below with your @name and/or message us IN-GAME.

Summary: ESE is an economics guild for experienced merchants who are interested in playing the competitive market.
Trader Kiosk Location: Mournhold, Deshaan
Alliance Hall: We have all attunable crafting stations & Mundus Stones located at @Stormahawk's Primary Residence
Website: or
Social: Discord & TeamSpeak Available
For an invite message: @Rushinator, @Glarin87, or @skywarnmc27. There may be a waitlist.

We also provide members with a website that includes extensive sales tips, a Discord, and a teamspeak. We do weekly raffles (2M+ in prizes), guild events and more.

We provide our members with more than just a store to sell from. We offer sales advice, marketing knowledge, farming strategies, and more! If you aren't yet a successful merchant, we'll turn you into one.

We have a number of sister guilds that we can refer our Traders to that will provide them with more avenues to sell their items/mats OR give them a better match if they are still learning.

Elder Scrolls Exchange welcomes you to join our mercantile guild network to advertise your crafting skills, sell your merchandise from our stores, and gain some valuable knowledge to help you become a successful merchant.


P.S. Our #1 Rule is NO DRAMA... we don't have any patience or time for it :p
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