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crown crates

so this past weekend, the crown crates login giveaway thingy, i dont know if it says anything about when we get them but im hearing of 1 person getting 1 , another getting 3. so whats the deal, i got none and log on everyday, please clarify plz
  • jypcy
    The event promised we’ll get them by the 16th, so you still have 12 days to receive yours. From what I’ve heard, all Xbox and PS4 players have gotten theirs but PC players will likely get them next week.

    Also you need to have been an ESO+ subscriber during the event each time you logged in to earn them.
  • alsuran
    Maybe it will be after the ESO Store and Account maintenance from May 8th. Either way, it might be a while longer, there are another 10 days left until the date they announced.
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