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Define and Maim Sets?!

Iv been looking and looking for any and all Defile and Maim sets out there. I need to make an Argonian Templar Healer that when you look at me you catch a disease.

If anyone has a list of all the Defile and Maim doing sets please post it!
  • Mihael
    Wizards and duroks
  • raasdal
    Fasalla (Fassala?)
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  • Kartalin
    Shadowrend monster set procs a clannfear that applies main to targets hit.

    Also Thurvokun. Easier to mix and match these monster sets with the 5 piece sets above.

    I’d suggest Durok’s, Desert Rose, and Shadowrend, double sword and board.

    Edit: you could also run guard for the lulz. Each of the three sets I suggested putting together should proc off damage taken from your guarded target (not 100% positive on shadowrend).
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  • Checkmath
    Class Representative
    i would combine duroks bane and wizards riposte in that case with 5 light armor parts. there is already arcane duroks jewelry, so you can build for magicka stats too. as monsterset i would go for a damage one then to put some pressure on the enmies too. maybe skoria would be a good choice there.
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