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Confessions of a part time healer...

So I am a tank. I am all-in as a tank. Ebon/alkosh argonian DK, and I enjoy taking the role seriously. So I have heard about people queuing for the tank position when they have no intentions of using a taunt but I never get to see it. Until this past weekend...

So my wife lets me take her high-elf templar healer for a spin. I help spec her toon out, and her character is a BEAST of a healer. So I run some dungeons as her character and I encounter the fake tanks. To my complete surprise the darker side of me rises and multiple times throughout the day....I purposely let the fake tank die. I totally could have saved him, but I simply chose not to. Then I went on to spam heal the rest of us through the fight. I did this (to my sincere surprise) on multiple occasions through out the day! Now I would never do this if it was a player that I suspected was new. Believe it or not there are players who are so new to MMO's that they play a "tank" and they honestly don't know what a taunt is. For those, I always kept them alive. It was the ones who you could tell knew what they were doing. Did it once on a DPS that was playing selfish as well. I really had a knack for healing well too, but its clear I shouldn't be healer!

So any other healers break your sacred trust in moments of vengeance?
  • VaranisArano
    I salute you! I also main a tank, so I find it annoying AF to have to tank when I'm running as a healer or damage dealer because the fake tank can't be arsed to do their job. I mean, I can do it, but if I wanted to, I would have brought my actual tank.

    I play healers rarely enough that I don't have the guts to let the fake tank die. I will point out in group chat something like "Any chance the tank would be willing to slot a taunt?" if the boss is aggroed on me for most of the fight.

    Or if they rush off ahead of everyone else, its "You'd better not blame me if you die before I get there. And I'm not sprinting."
  • exiars10
    I mainly tank or DD and partly healer so here is my take on it.

    If I get fake tank or healer, vote to kick is incoming 100%. There are no ifs. And they get kicked if s/he queued alone because the most of time I am the highest CP and I openly tell in chat that we have fake role. If they are paired so can't be kicked, I just leave. My time is too precious to waste it.

    Also, I tolerate fake healers even in easier veteran dungeons if they bring above average DPS. I have zero tolerance for fake tanks for various reasons. If it's pledge, I wait until we finish at least one boss so s/he has to do it again :smiley:.

    I don't play ESO since 15.06. because Cyrodiil is broken since Summerset (PvE isn't much better, too)...

    Aldmeri Dominion (PC Europe via Steam)

    The cowardly Wood Elves are best noted for their unwillingness to engage in a face-to-face attack; a Bosmer will strike at you from every side except the front. You won't cross swords with a Bosmer, but you might catch an arrow in the throat. Be wary in forests and jungles, and watch your back.
  • Brrrofski
    Well if I an on a tank and I'm pugging, when one of the DD decide to run ahead and pull everything, I let them die. Always let tank pull first or that happens.
    Xbox One EU
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