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Your approach to questing?

  • Danikat
    It would probably be faster for me to listen to it, but I usually play with the sound turned off so I read the dialogue. The only time I skip it is if I messed up and had to cancel a quest and re-do it immediately. Otherwise I always read it. The stories and world are what appealed to me about this game so it would be pointless for me to skip it.
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  • AlienatedGoat
    No option for "I don't quest because it's EZ PZ faceroll".

    Need Vet Overland.
    PC-NA Goat
  • Jhalin
    I assume this refers to dungeon questing? I’ve always read really fast so I physically have to look away from the text to avoid reading through it in a blink. Given I don’t really wanna be in there any longer than I have to, I usually read it and click on.

    For overland questing, if the story is fairly interesting I’ll do my best to wait on the voice over.
    Edited by Jhalin on April 29, 2018 8:47PM
  • jaekobcaed
    Usually, I listen to the full audio as I enjoy really getting immersed in the story. But sometimes I'll skip over them after reading the text, it depends on how patient I'm feeling haha
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  • phaneub17_ESO
    With 15 characters, after doing them all so many times, I just skip through them as fast as possible and go. I mainly just do the Skill point quests now, skipping the majority of quests that aren't involved. I'll still do the ones I pick up in Delves and Public Dungeons, but most of the Overland quests are left untouched. Only my first character has everything done, before One Tamriel and level scaling, the rest do whats available at their level before it turns gray then skipping whatever is beyond worth doing.
  • madchuska83
    My main has completed every quest in the game, nothing but dailies in my log. He was my first character, has nearly 30 titles, and all guild skill lines maxed. He is who I quest with, and when I'm questing with him I am playing an OG Elder Scrolls game. Chat and UI gets turned off and I immerse myself in the game absorbing all I can. Then I have my 7 alts who are built for specific roles and only quest for skill points.
  • Neyane
    Depends on the voice of the character and on my second+ playthrough’s I skip it all.
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  • MagicAndrej
    Usually on weekends or days off I listen to the dialogue and be as immersive as possible but if I’m trying to get things done or not in the mood to wait I usually just skip. Sometimes you can get funny dialogue lines which I always smile at.
  • Chaos2088
    I read at a fast pace, so I can read what they have said sometimes before they have finished their first sentence. :)
    @Chaos2088 PC EU Server | AD-PvP
  • Lysette
    I normally enjoy listening to what and how NPCs say things. And as a roleplayer this is kind of important to me, because the way in which NPCs want something from me decides often, if my character will be in the mood to help them or not. I decide that from the character perspective - any disrespect to the race of my character and these NPCs can do their stuff on their own - they do not need the help of my character then - they should have asked nicely and I would have considered helping.

    Edit: Playing the game from the character's perspective means as well, that I do sometimes things, which I as a player wouldn't want to do, but my character feels like it or might even be obligated to help or even be passionate about helping in this case. I as a player might not want to do this task, but seen from my character's perspective, he/she would - so I am helping, even I as a player doesn't want to. Same goes, when my character is against it - as much as I might want to do that as a player, my character would hate to do it, so I won't as well.
    Edited by Lysette on April 30, 2018 1:13PM
  • Ley
    I take my time completing quests for the first time and listen to all the dialog. After that it's me clicking through dialog as fast as possible to get through it. Only reason I even do quests on alts is for skill points and skill lines.
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  • Ajintse
    I usually just click most of the text away as fast as possible and look at the task/map afterwards and don't know what to do so go back and listen to her and read the text this time.
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  • Jierdanit
    I dont do quests at all
  • The_Protagonist
    The first time I played I listened to every dialog, but now even with new DLCs I have started skipping it :P
  • Glockcoma725
    I've spent 90% of questing content mashing through the dialogue so i can get on with it. However, I recently began and completed Vvardenfell, and am now in clockwork city. I got the add-on that delays the text to pop up so I can actually engage with npc's and hear them out, and I'm enjoying the added immersion. Part of me wishes I had done this fron the beginning, but another part of me is glad I didn't. I'd still be working on Cadwell's silver probably
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  • Nestor
    Some NPCs I listen to the Voice Acting, most I read the dialogs and if I am done before the NPC is, so be it.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • AlnilamE
    It depends on whether I'm in a "questing" or "completing the map" mood, since I've done all the quests on non-DLC zones at least once. Also if I'm on TS chatting with folks or not.
    The Moot Councillor
  • RedRook
    Alone I usually read, sometimes listen and read. In a group, fast skim. I'm not going to ask three other people to stand around and wait in a dungeon so I can get a story.

    Most things I've done more than a couple of times I click through.
  • Ectheliontnacil
    Only a handful of good/enjoyable quests and thousands of generic MMO ones.

    Go to the bandit camp and bring me 4 swords. Go into the dungeon and collect 10 elemental essences from atronachs. So stupidly boring. And even the proper questlines, where effort was put in, I just feel like it's clicking through some boring dialogue and running across the map to do the same thing again.

    In short: Quests are tedious and I try to avoid doing any of them as best I can. Back when there were still veteran ranks, I had to do the alliance main story (skillpoints), the questline with the prophet AND Cadwell's silver on every character I wanted to level. With one tamriel and the removal of veteran ranks, I haven't done a single quest on any of my new characters.

    Don't get me wrong I like questing. But I only like doing "good" quests. Not the ones from ESO, where they just want to push out 200 quests or so for every zone, so they can use it for marketing.
    Edited by Ectheliontnacil on April 30, 2018 2:06PM
  • Katahdin
    Depends on my mood and the particular quest.

    Sometimes I read and listen, sometimes I click through.

    Quests in Cyrodiil, I always click as fast as possible when I do them because you are not hidden when you talk to npcs
    Beta tester November 2013
  • Ragged_Claw
    The first time I do a quest, I'm like 'Tell me more, this is most interesting...' But after the seventh or eight run through I mash that button like a mad thing yelling, 'Shuuut uuup! Give me my reward! Ughhh!' Like a spoilt child. Unless it's a character that I find witty or fancy a bit... :smiley:
    PC EU & NA
  • Dreepa
    I really would like to turn off the dialogue voice, without turning down the in-game chatter dialogue. Currently you can only turn both down at the same time....

    Reading stuff while someone is talking to you is a bit distracting.
  • Tasear
    Because they are boring quests and there's no risk. Story telling is great but but gameplay are usually meh.
    Edited by Tasear on May 1, 2018 12:18PM
  • Tasear
    Also biggest issue though is text and audio lag. I can read faster then NPCs talk. So get annoyed when they do talk. Then I just skip it all.
    Edited by Tasear on May 1, 2018 12:21PM
  • Zordrage
    where is the OTHER Option ???

    When i feel like the Story im about to do is Interesting or its one of the Zones MAIN story part i listen it through

    the others i just Skip through it...
  • Inarre
    When i quest I try to enjoy it and that includes listening to the npc. But im also a notorious clicker, a habit ingrained in me from other games where the questing wasn't nearly as enjoyable. So sometimes I catch myself speeding through impatiently and have to remind myself to slow down x)
  • josiahva
    Quests are too easy...if I dont have to put any effort into completing content, you can be sure I dont really care about what they have to say. The only way to make me pay attention to the quests is to make me FIGHT to unlock the storyline...if I didnt have to even try, I have nothing invested.
  • grumlins
    Voice overs are an absolute must now for me in mmo's!

    If an MMO doesn't have voice overs I don't continue to play it!

    Great game Zos!
  • Dreepa
    grumlins wrote: »
    Voice overs are an absolute must now for me in mmo's!

    If an MMO doesn't have voice overs I don't continue to play it!

    Great game Zos!

    I agree with your in part. I find the standard zones that came with the base game rather lackluster in terms of voice acting. Some are soooo slow and dragged out... That I basically fall asleep while they talk.

    The voice actor quality of the DLCs and add-ons is sooooo much better though.
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