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Disappearing Combatants

Soul Shriven
I wasn’t sure where to put this after searching and not finding the topic.

So during several battles of minor characters the combatants would disappear and then reappear all during the battle. When they disappeared, the lines appeared prompting they where going to strike but there was no character and then a few seconds later they reappeared. I would have submitted a bug fix however it’s kind of difficult while in the middle of a battle but it happened several times and in different areas.
  • Own
    Yeah it's real. Completely invisible group members. I got attacked by an invisible person for sure yesterday. I bet I get attacked by invisible people all the time and dont even know it.

  • Waffennacht
    In my BG against Moist Chips pre-made (my PUG won btw ;) ) everyone was blinking in and out for about the first 5 minutes or so.

    Everyone, my team included (though it appears as if you aren't blinking on your end)

    Single targets fail, but AoEs will still hit invis or blinking characters
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  • Oakmontowls_ESO
    I'm pretty sure the op is talking about night blade npcs going invisible. This is intended behavior since they are just using the ability dark cloak.
  • BlackLabel
    I’ve seen this too. Fought a stamplar that was rapidly blinking in and out of our duel and jabbing while invisible. After the fight stopped they wouldn’t disappear anymore.
  • Maulkin
    Can confirm it happened on duels and BGs over the weekend
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  • Biro123
    Invisible combatants..?? Who said that?
    Minalan owes me a beer.

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  • BaneOfBattler
    Sometimes they bug but they appear in milliseconds, its weird yes. Must be some desync
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