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Please FIX the utterly poor HDR implementation in ESO PS4

So i recently bought a new 4k LG TV and it looks amazing. one issue with LG tv if you call it an issue is HDR goes a bit darker which looks bad at first on dash but when you're in an HDR game such as Horizon, God of war, Last of us it all looks bloody amazing with bright areas lit up nice and realistic, all is well and sexy. Now i decided to play ESO on console again with friends instead of the PC version as the new pro and 4k HDR tv was cool but WOW wth is going on here devs? i mean soon as i turn of HDR it looks so dark and dull its looks tragic. So i max out brightness in game, set tv dynamic contract to high (which it is anyway as a brightness boost for lg hdr) and still its actually unplayable tbh. what should be a BRIGHT sunny forest is now a dull and almost night looking experience, I go to the Deserts and there's just NO brightness whatsoever so it doesn't even look or feel like a desert just super dark yellow sand almost like there's no sun at all.

Now you might link me to help sites or say its LG's fault because of them going for a darker view for more detail but as i mentioned previously all other HDR games look amazing and there's no issue whatsoever with the games looking too dark and dull. which is 100% back to you Zenimax, what the mcnugget did you actually do to mess up HDR in ESO? i'm not a tech or engineer or a game Dev but i can assure you this is 100% you're fault and not LG's. something you did or somehow you implemented HDR is ESO is just not right at all and it's sad because ESO with a working HDR could look so amazing. is it the game engine? is it just too old and cartoony to do realistic HDR or something? what is it?

And as the LG 4K TV i bought is actually by far one of the best and cheapest on the market at 43" making the majority of people i know in the UK with a PS4 owning shouldn't you be tuning HDR for the masses or something? i mean £370 for a 4K TV with HDR that looks amazing in everything but ESO or £1500 for an OLED TV lol which is the ONLY way HDR is gonna look playable enough in ESO.
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