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[PC-NA] Akatosh's Scales Gold group

I want to complete the Speed Challenges for the Akatosh's Scales Gold dye. Already did 3 out of 7 with my tank (Elden, Crypt and Darkshade). I can repeat those if group needs.
I'm CP786, @Highlor3
Edited by Highlor3 on April 28, 2018 2:20AM
[PC-NA] CP 1200+ The Conquest of Tamriel & UESP
The Scientia Consortium:
  • Rodbertus Quercus, Imperial, Dragonknight [EP]
  • Robert Bethencourt, Breton, Templar [DC]
  • Karlindah Telvanni, Dunmer, Sorcerer [AD]
  • Hejthuxis (former Raises-Her-Rear), Argonian, Nightblade [EP]
  • Limeril Bravewind, Altmer, Warden [AD]
  • Isilarelen, Dunmer, Dragonknight [EP]
  • Elindael, Bosmer, Warden [AD]
  • Hrodberaht Bright-Fame, "Nordguard", Warden [EP]
  • Ra'Kham, Khajiit, Nightblade [DC]
  • Brazilia gra-Bagol, Orsimer, Dragonknight [EP]
  • Nirrah al-Hegathe, Redguard, Necromancer [DC]
  • Theodora Quercus, Imperial, Templar [DC]
  • Cuddles-In-The-Water, Argonian, Templar [EP]
  • Cainneach the Pale, Reachman, Necromancer [AD]
  • Dughlas af-Fearley, Redguard, Sorcerer [DC]
  • Adaltos Indoril, Dunmer, Templar [EP]
  • Geralt of Evermore, Breton, Nightblade [DC]
  • Feainneweedd, Altmer, Sorcerer [AD]
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