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Wondering if I could find an RP/PVE Partner ? PC/NA

New to ESO,still learning but used to deep RP. Burnt out on that ,it got too much.

Looking for one or two for light to medium RP,no breaking character in game,discussions will be by email or somesuch...emergancies excepted :)

My character: Altmer,posh debutante but not arrogent..ok,maybe a bit.

Also PVE moments,so we can duff up some baddies without wrighting an essay

RP:light to medium please,if I have to read three chapters about how your hair glistens in the moonlight,this is not for you

The bridges burning behind us merely light our way forward PC-NA Main: Hepzebah Mag / sorc
  • Bansidhe1965
    The bridges burning behind us merely light our way forward PC-NA Main: Hepzebah Mag / sorc
  • tansyuduri
    I'd like the same
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  • theBlackRabbit1
    Soul Shriven
    Hello there! I actually started an entirely new account just to play more immersively since I can’t find the freedom to just lose myself in my character’s journeys while on my main. So this sounds perfect for me right now. I play a range of characters but I do have an Altmer I’ve taken a liking to and have been leveling lately. Send me your in game @name if you’re still looking and we’ll arrange something.
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  • PeachyHKub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Heya! I'm also currently looking for something similar. I'm really enjoying immersing myself in the world and would like to add some light RP elements without getting too serious. Feel free to add me in game @Peachyhk. I look forward to (maybe) hearing from you! Offer is open to others in the thread also :)
  • Kiyakotari
    Hi! This sounds like something I'd be interested in. I've been in RP guilds, and still am, but I find myself enjoying free-form RP with just one or two other players more than the larger and more organized group events that the guilds put on.

    Feel free to add me under @Kiyakotari in game - offer open to anyone in this thread. I look forward to possibly hearing from someone or someones, and perhaps starting up an interesting storyline!
  • MourncallerTV
    Do any of you have discord because I would love to do voice rp with you guys PC/NA. I also do twitch streaming and am trying to find a few battle buddies that would be interested in doing that with me. Add me in game @Wolvalk .
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