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Official Discussion Thread for "Update 18’s Gifting, Daily Rewards, & Combat Changes"

  • ProfesseurFreder
    It's good that you're always working to make the game better: but the ONE system that you have never tried to improve, and which needs improvement so much, is CHAT.

    The Chat system in ESO sucks with dramatically huge sucking sounds and with a pure suckishness that is so very suckily sucky.

    You could make the game TEN MILLION TIMES better but updating and improving CHAT. It is USELESS in its current state. (I just use a mod to hide it completely)

    You want this to be a social game?


    Also make emotes easier to use. In game communication is the ONLY area left in ESO that is a complete 100 percent FAIL.
    "Nothing by which all human passion and hope and folly can be mirrored and then proved ever was just a game."
    -- William Faulkner.
  • AxSinisterxOmen
    cyberjanet wrote: »
    So... I'm looking at the log-in rewards system right now, and I see there are a few that I cannot use at all, like riding lessons, and possibly even the instant blacksmithing research. Will there be a way to turn these into crown gems, or similar, or trade them for a more useful item of similar value, or do we just destroy them? A destroyed item is not much of a reward.

    I see you can deposit stuff into the bank, so at least it's not character bound. However, it is bound, so you can't trade the items you can't use.

    Also curious if certain crown store items like wardrobe sets or pets will be given away and if so what happens if we already have them. Who wants to pay 500-1000 crowns for something only for everyone else to get it free as a daily login reward and you basically get nothing or a few gems lol.
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