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Need help with non meta stam warden build.

Soul Shriven
Almost don't want to post this out of fear of being laughed out of here, but here it goes. I'm trying to make a build that will let me sneak around solo killing other solo players and also be useful in a zerg so that I can switch back and forth as I choose. I've chosen Wood elf for the sneaky passive and am also a vampire. Here are the skills / sets I'm using.

Front bar S&B: Invasion, Power slam, Def stance, Subterranean Assault, Resolving Vigor, Eternal Guardian
Back bar Bow: Poison Injection, Acid Spray, Bird of Prey, Ice Fortress, Shuffle, Eternal Guardian

Armor sets are 5 medium, 2 heavy. Unfathomable Darkness both bars and Hundings front bar (until next patch), All impen with infused chest. Stam regen glyphs on jewelry and warrior mundus. Using max health/stam food. Sharpened sword and bow.

The general idea of this build is to sneak around on bow bar and then buff, dot, swap bars, shield charge and block cast power slam and subterranean assault while my bear and Unfathomable chews on my target. The main problem I'm having is with sustain, mostly against nightblades. It seems if they see me before I see them and they attack me I run out of stam panic blocking with barely getting a hit on them.

I know this build is not even remotely meta and most will probably say total garbage. Please understand most of the fun I have in this game is creating my own builds centered around my own playstyle. I just lack a full understanding of the game mechanics and was hoping someone would be willing to help me tweak/improve it to make it more effective. I'm and older gamer and my reflexes will never again be what they were. That's part of the reason I'm running S&B to help slow down the fight and give me a chance to recover after being jumped.

I was thinking maybe I should run block cost enchants on the jewelry and switch the mundus to The Serpent? That would make my Power Slam hit harder while saving me stamina at the same time. Opinions?
  • Koujo
    Soul Shriven
    Also forgot to mention I don't have a suitable monster set yet. Was thinking about using Chudan for the extra resist and unslotting Ice Fortress for something else.
  • Waffennacht
    Sneak around killing solo players is called ganking.

    You want a ganking build.

    You kinda should be completely devoted to ganking rather than also having SnB "just in case"

    Definitely want bow, definitely want snipe.

    You want your bow to have injection and snipe (something that gives empower I think too)

    Or you can go more SnB and less ganking. Either way you should focus more on one or the other :)
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