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Solo strategies for vet dungeon final bosses?

I main a khajiit stamblade and I can clear the easiest vet dungeons up until the final boss. (CoH1, FG1, COA1 and Darkshade1) I haven't tried any others.

On my best attempt I had the final darkshade boss below a million, but suddenly I was died to a one shot. I thought he was far from me, but I guess not. Stuff like that always happens. Except in COA1, I got absolutely nowhere. I probably took off less than a million, before burning embers hit really hard, really fast and I was dead.

I generally run Hundings, Briar and mighty chudan for solo. If I get one shot too many times by a mini boss, I go with medium fort brass over hundings and swap kraghs in for the chudan helmet. Then I try and maintain major ward/resolve with skills. I don't yet have any vMA weapons. I'm still trying to get through that without watching a guide, but I have to be able to survive mechanics or my dps won't matter.

Do I need to just l2p with my pet sorc? I do have one leveled, but I suck with her. I'm at CP720. I cleared all the base normals around cp 300 and it felt pretty similar to this. Excpet the bosses didn't one shot me so often.

Any advice? I really just want to clear one with my main.
  • redspecter23
    Stam NB is definitely hard mode for soloing vet dungeons. As you mentioned, a pet sorc would likely have a much easier time. Just access to shields alone removes many of the one-shot threats you are faced with currently.

    If you're set on doing it with a stam NB, then just keep at it. Many are doable. It would just take practice and keeping the lag monster away during key moments.
  • Merlin13KAGL
    For CoA I, I'd say a whole lotta dodging (or Shuffle) and focus the adds as they come up, as the DoTs from will add up in a hurry.

    Boss will always be there, playing island hopscotch. Purge, Heal, DPS.

    Darkshade I, lots of kiting, lots of circling, avoid the frontal heavy attack, and take your time.

    (Your) DoTs are king, and don't let your resources go low.
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  • djyrb
    This might not be a suggestion you are open to, but have you considered maybe a respec into a magblade build for these attempts? Your survivability should increase a lot, as you will have a lot of self-healing as well as shields, and you can still complete these on your main character.
  • Colecovision
    djyrb wrote: »
    This might not be a suggestion you are open to, but have you considered maybe a respec into a magblade build for these attempts? Your survivability should increase a lot, as you will have a lot of self-healing as well as shields, and you can still complete these on your main character.

    I’ll try these others first, but no, I’m not opposed. The only thing is that I’m a bit gimped with khajiit for a magblade, but It’s definitely something to try next.
  • SickDuck
    Hint: in CoA1 if you can't take the heat there's plenty of water around...

    And kill those pesky adds, as suggested.
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  • Vaoh
    Speaking in terms of specifically soloing Vet dungeons..... imo this is how it goes

    For Mag:
    - Sorcs use Surge for a powerful+easy to apply HoT and Bolt Escape to escape damage while providing a useful AoE stun
    - NBs use Swallow Soul+Refreshing Path+Sap Essence for amazing HoTs and AoE damage, Shadow Image for creating distances and constant minor maim, Cloak not as useful
    - DKs use Burning Embers+Draw Essence for okay healing..... Dragon Blood won't be as useful if actually building to deal damage. Mag Dk is not a great PvE solo class imo, though thats only due to their specific toolkit which is great for basically everything else. Their Dragon Fire Scales can be very powerful though
    - Wardens use Blue Lotus+Living Trellis+ Shimmering Shield for Decent HoTs and Ult gen. If spamming trees their Healing becomes significantly better, though its sort of lackluster without them
    - Templars I don't really have a whole lot of experience with.... spam Puncturing Sweeps I guess, and stand in Rune/Cleanse circles? Either way, not too great

    For Stam:
    - Sorcs have essentially the same benefits as their Mag counterpart. They also can make use of Dark Deal but it's not worth it. If your sustain is so bad that you need this solo, your build/rotation likely need work.
    - NBs get free Major Fracture on their main target, and have good sustain+amazing single target damage
    - DKs have nice DoTs and free Major Fracture, alongside that super powerful reflect (op asf vs bosses like Domihaus)
    - Wardens are extremely strong, and unlike their mag counterparts, have the HoTs to support face tanking almost everything without spamming Healing Thicket
    - Templars..... idk. Can't be very good though alone since the class doesn't offer a whole lot for them to work with when alone in terms of HoTs.

    In general, Magicka uses shields as their main source of survivability for trash packs or large bursts of damage (with the occasional dodge roll) and heals through the rest with HoTs. If on Stamina you dodge roll large bursts of damage and easily heal through all else with HoTs and the extremely powerful Rend Ult which makes you basically invulnerable with Asylum DW (Stam Warden has more Ult gen, so they don't need Asylum DW).

    For soloing vet dungeons.....
    Mag NB > Mag Sorc > Mag Warden > Mag DK = Mag Templar
    Stam Sorc = Stam Warden > Stam NB >Stam DK > Stam Templar

    Note there are some situations which only a Sorc or NB can overcome due to Streak/Shadow Image.
    Edited by Vaoh on April 25, 2018 11:23PM
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