What do you miss in a Dungeon run if you aren't with the group?

Hypothetically if someone uses the group finder tool and ques for a dungeon and wants to listen to all the quest dialogue and take their time, but they are in a group that rushes through - what do they miss besides the actual combat?
I'm thinking in terms of Treasure drops (esp Monster Helm) and Undaunted keys.
I say hypothetically because I've never actually done this and as a result I actually don't know what several of the Quests in dungeons are all about.

Do you have to actually do a certain amount of damage to bosses to get the "credit", or is being in the group enough?
  • Beardimus
    The problem in many of them is the next part of the quest often can't be done unless you were there. So if only you has the quest and they kill the mini boss you get there and have the white circle quest marker but nothing to kill.

    At least I recall that happening a few times but that's many moons ago now. Might have changed.
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  • VaranisArano
    Nothing except the dialogue.

    Okay, thats a little simplistic.

    If you don't manage to complete the quest, because there are several dungeons where you have to wait for the quest giver, you miss out on nothing because you can go back and complete it later on another run. Now, what you might miss out on are some optional bosses (and their loot). For example, Banished Cells 1 has optional bosses that are needed for the quest but can be skipped for the pledge, so you might miss their loot if the group doesnt do them.

    If you do turn in the quest, you get the same reward whether you listen to the dialogue or not. There's a few quests that have a choice to make at the end, but none that you would miss out on by speeding through the dialogue earlier. You'll get your skill point and quest reward. Again, there are some optional bosses you might miss out on, but you can hit them on subsequent playthroughs.

    Credit for kills is something like 3% currently, but I've gotten credit for being close and just healing (I got locked out of the Engine Guardian's room).

    Vet helmets only drop from the final boss of Vet dungeons. Undaunted keys are awarded from the Undaunted daily pledges, which usually requires you to kill certain bosses. So if you get queued into a partially complete pledge dungeon, you might have to run it a second time to get your pledge completed to kill all the bosses needed.
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