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[Xbox NA] Nice guy looking for people to do dungeons with

Soul Shriven
I recently started playing ESO again and I'm currently leveling my first champion character. Unfortunately do not have a single friend to play ESO with and I am disappointed by the looking for group system. Open to anybody with a guild looking for people to run dungeons with or need another person to play with as well.

Gamertag is: Lil dish s0ap (O in s0ap is a zero)
  • SJD_Phoenix
    Download an app called Band and search for The Minstrel Cramps.

    Probably the best all round guild I’ve ever been in.
  • BadSerpico
    If you are new to trials, looking to get into trials (22k dps Craglorn)( 32kdps on 6mil for HM and above), or want to run vet trials. Ebonheart Defenders is looking for friendly team oriented players. We run Monday, Thursday, Friday Saturday gat 845est plus we run several normals. We have plenty of knowledgeable players that will help with Dps, tanking and healing plus teach mechanics in all trials. We are looking for two more Dps to fill out our core team for VMOL. We also have regular DLC HM vet dungeon runs/Skin runs, VDSA, PvP in VIVEC and other events. We use the band App communicate/organize plus Xbox Club that we post pics, vids and achievements etc . If you are interested reply here or msg GT Bad Serpico or Pv2 Slayer
  • wbernardo24
    I’m in the same boat bro gamertag is Crabby 666
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