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PS4 NA. Looking for group of Beginners.

I would like to start a group of beginners. The idea is we could all learn the game together. I think it would be a lot of fun.
Edited by DeadAudience on April 22, 2018 1:35AM
  • Lieke85
    Soul Shriven
    Hi DeadAudience, I have been playing the game for not longer then 2 months now so I still have a lots of learning to do.
    I'm at level 34, Orc, female and my psn is liekevanhaaren. If you are interested, send me a friend request in the game.
  • missushaley
    Soul Shriven
    I've only been playing like a month. I'm level 32 or 33 and I've been by myself so there are a few quests I haven't been able to complete because of that. I've never played ESO until now and FFXIV is the only other MMO I've played. PSN is number_2_pencil if you're still interested in making this group!
    Edited by missushaley on April 23, 2018 4:24PM
  • Tekkien_kuyx
    Soul Shriven
    Hey 32 Templar Dps about two months of experience, trying to run dungons and gear gather for the grind.
    Hit me up if you need some quick and clean AOE ive played quite a few MMOs but still learning ESO
    Tekkien-32 Stamina- Templar.
    Sometimes my brother is available for talking or extra damage just depends .
  • Willard
    I am not new--been playing since PC beta, but play full time PS4 NA now. I have played with a core group of friends since day one on PS4 and can tell you what you are doing is a great idea. Playing the game with a reliable core group of people is way more rewarding and fun than just playing alone (although there are defiantly times I like to play solo). If you ever need help, myself and my friends are always willing to help other players--just give me a shout: malonew1

    Good luck:)
  • loneranger123
    Soul Shriven
    I'm PC/NA, can I joni? ( @the_Lone-Ranger )
  • Roarshack92
    Soul Shriven
    lvl 27 still learning the ropes. PSN r0arshack92 if you're still looking for players
  • fomexd
    Soul Shriven
    Add me on steam, i'm a casual player.
  • Koheron
    Soul Shriven
    Still learning, casual player, interested if you're still looking. Psn: bignnn
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