My Amaya Lake Lodge

First of all, apologies for the late showcase, with the Anniversary event and Summerset on PTS, things have been busy!

Let's get right into it, with my Amaya Lake Lodge I wanted to focus primarily on the garden and exterior, and of course the lake. I have added flowers and water liles to the lake, I have added lots of bamboo at the lakeside, and the outdoor area itself is crowded with laurel trees indigenous to Vvardenfell to make it a bit more crowded and dense.
The real treasure of the exterior area, aside from the Tribunal Fountain, is the wooden pergola I have added and decorated with lots of ivy and flowery details. Underneath the pergola there is an outdoor sitting area, complete with lots of decorations, clutter, tea and drinks and some carpets and tapestries. Perfect to sit and enjoy the outdoors underneath the ivy cover.

The sidebuilding of the lodge, that ZOS dubbed a "storehouse", I have turned into a luxurious bath hall, complete with again lots of ivy covers and lots of paintings, tapestries and other wall decorations and ornaments. I have added a lot of furniture from the Vivec furniture pack here, including the unique sofa and bed, and the bath tubs themselves have been warded off with some dividers, and again adorned with towels, trinket boxes and other items. A very cluttered and dense bathing hall, but still tastefully done I'd say.

Of course, the outside pergola and the bathing hall took up a lot of furniture slots, so the interior of the house itself is pretty much only decorated as I bought it furnished. which means the furniture is in place as well as paintings and panels, but there is a lot of clutter missing. So in the pictures and the videos below, I only focused on the outside area, the lake and the bathhouse. The rest of the house will have to wait until we get more slots.

I hope you enjoy the look, I really love how this house turned out, minus the lack of clutter in the house itself.

Next up is my Tel Galen that I will finally be able to show off! And after that, the Ebonheart Castle, that I recently finished decorating.

The eponymous lake of the lake lodge

Lake and bamboo

A small sitting area to enjoy the view over the lake and the water lilies

Ivy decorated pergola






Fountain decorated with flowers

Bathing house

Settees, pillows and skooma for after bathing

Vivec's throne

Vivec's bed

Bathing house

Paintings and clutter



Bath tubs
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