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[PS4][NA] The True Black Hand Guild 18+

Welcome to The True Black Hand clan (PS4 Clan)

Mission Statement:
We are a PS4 clan, for ESO & Other Games, the most important thing will be teamwork. We will always have each other's back, both in PvE and PvP. We are a group of like-minded players looking for players of many different abilities and styles, be it Relaxed Beginners to MMORPG to Hardcore Pros.

We run weekly XP Grinds, SkyShard Hinting and Lore books.
Dungeons and undaunted dungeons also.

Recruitment Status:
- We are always looking for ESO Guild Members to join our ranks.

- We are a PlayStation 4 Guild.

- We play on the North America Server.

- We are Majority Ebonheart but all factions are welcome.

- That is looking for members that are 18+ in age.
- English speaking.
- Having a mic.
- Are interested in making new friends.
- Being active and help your fellow clan mates.
- Be willing to use Discord instead of PSN Messenger.
- Be willing to participate in conversations with fellow TTBH members on Discord.
- We are willing to take members from any country as long as you're able to fulfill the requirement above.

If you want to be approved as a full The True Black Hand member follow the directions below.

The True Black Hand Ps4 clan for ESO, Destiny 2 & other games uses Discord to communicate. Please feel free to contact me once you have downloaded Discord and we will work on getting you in The True Black Hand server/channels.

Discord Nics:
TTBH Founder: LordDarkSeid1310 EST#7728

TTBH ESO Admin: holeshot32 (CT)#6705
TTBH ESO Admin: loststoner92#1432

My Nic on Discord is: LordDarkSeid1310 EST 400 #7728

Or use our direct link to our TTBH - Welcome Room

Please take note we use our PSN Nic as our Discord Nic.

New members can also contact us or find us by:
Twitter: @TrueBlackHand https://twitter.com/TrueBlackHand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetrueblackhandps4//

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