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<Mobile Suit Covenant> New DC PvP Guild

Soul Shriven
Hello all! Im Number3 the guild leader of Mobile Suit Covenant and I'm seeking active, dedicated and skillful DC only players who mainly PvP to join me for laid back daily organized raids. I plan/hope for 8-20 man groups 1-2 groups. Organized for optimal group play- that being said you may have to swap your gear/ults from time to time to accommodate composition. I plan on organization level that includes strategic keeps cuts and siege to maximize points for the covenant. Not a pvdoor guild! ;) If your DC and you've been out there looking for a good guild, I'm here trying to make that for us. Lets grow this guild and make Cyrodil blue again! If the numbers of the guild rise enough and players have enough interest I would like to do monthly dueling tournaments at the guildhall for prizes, as such 50k-100k example.
Raid times onces group is established M-F 5pm EST Saturday 9am, Sunday 9am EST (times may adjust)
Guild runs will begin when I have enough members, this is a fresh guild.
Discord is available/Guild Hall
If interested send me an in game msg/whisper @Number3theDefiler
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  • NyassaV
    Lovely, another zerg guild.

    Honestly I've considered joining a guild with more numbers but what I hate is that every single person I end up around can hardly hold their own by themselves so it's hard for me to stick around because I start min maxing everyone's builds so everyone tells me to shut up.

    Message me in game @NyassaV and we can talk about me fixing up people to be able to hold tier own if you want. But if any of you slot flare I ain't teaching anything XD
    Flawless Conqueror ~ Grand Overlord
    She/Her ~ PC/NA | I record things for fun and for info
  • Sortep1977
    I'd love to join. Just point me in the right direction. I'm switching from EP and I don't faction hop during PvP. I fight for one or the other.
  • moneysizzle
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm interested in the guild but I can't find you in game. Send me an invite @moneysizzle
  • Pajor
    I am very interested. Please send me an invitation
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