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Factotum Character


I am wondering if you roleplayed one how they could fit around the lore

I think they are mechanical and designed by Sotha Sil and programmed to do tasks for him in Clockwork City.

So if you see them now wandering - outside and inside of Clockwork City - who could be programming them or who could know how to re-program them within lore

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  • VaranisArano
    If I were going to role play a factotum, I'd probably go with either:
    A. Sotha Sil programmed me to deal with daedric threats outside of the Clockwork City
    B. Exposure to a certain Daedric artifact that unlocks potential at the end of the Clockwork City quest unlocked hidden potential/corrupted my programming.
  • Trainwiz
    Already playing as one. You just go up to random roleplayers and beep and whir at them, then start screwdrivering and welding their horse when they get annoyed, claiming it's "malfunctioning". You must also take everything literally and at face value.
  • TheNuminous1
    My personal lorecraft for it is that I went further with the research of transfering the soul into a factotum and have learned how to suspend my organic shell while I inhabit the factotum. Since my Clockwork mage does not wish to leave his domain He uses a Factotum avatar of sorts. then when done venturing the radius He returns to his flesh body.
  • Eporem
    Thanks for these replies:)

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  • Stania
    I use a voice modulator to talk like a robot on discord with my guildmates, and "serve" them as an assistant/bodyguard when we're questing, taking their instructions too literally. I also make detailed remarks and observations that would embarrass them. It's funny and we get a few laughs.
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  • Eporem
    I do hope some are seen in Summerset - and I will imagine them as being tasked with combating the Daedric threat Sotha Sil knew about - if only to keep Clockwork city somewhat alive:)

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