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Stamina/magincka 2hTemplar?

Hello there my fellow friends, I want to ask you a question,

I would like to be a 2hander damage dealer or tank, in ESO, made a high elf templar but just realized that if i deal damage with 2h i need to lvl stam, but high elves get bonus only to magicka.
Should I make a new race ?, or can I keep playing with my high elf templar and still be a meelee damager, I jsut like to destory things with my huge blade :D, Came from wow, played a paladin and was thinking will make a paladin style caracter, so picked a templar.

What sould I build, for soloing stuff, and making damage/tank role.
Which abilities are the best for a 2hander/stamina templar ?

Still realy new to this game, so any help or advises are realy welcome, :)
Thank you for helping me :)
  • Checkmath
    aha posted the topic twice to get more answers? ;)
  • Tukolp
    Hehe, more is more :D
    To be hones don"t knew which topic is better, so posted in both :D
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