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One of Orsinium WB daily, that should be reworked

I mean "Reeking of Foul Play" quest. The worst "organised" one, especially during event. Players are wasting a lot of time, because sharing of rescuing Prisoners within group is drastically limited -one must stay very close to others, this sometimes even seems not work (yesterday I've been about 12-15 meters from my group, did no damage to npcs and rescuing was not complete) and respawn time is horribly long.
IMO this part of quest should be shareable within group troughout the map, like obelisks in "Heresy of ignorance" or dwemer devices in "Snow and steam".
  • TheCyberDruid
    Oh yes. When I first started doing Wrothgar WB dailies I thought that Ogre or Poa were really annoying to complete, but you learn how to do them fast. With Edu it's down to camping at the two spots right under the boss and waiting. A long time. Every single time.
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