Returning player LF NA EST guild

I am a casual play style returning player looking for a decently sized guild with an active player base to adventure with. I have played MMOs over 20 years mostly as a hardcore raider, but now I have a life and no consistency with my play time. I started playing the game 3 months after launch, quit, came back for Assassin's Guild, then left again about 2 years ago.

Must haves are cursing in guild chat, non-sensitivity to adult humor, and non-elitism. I am mainly looking for people to simply adventure PvE with on my main character (templar DPS) who originated in Daggerfall Covenant. Currently, I'm finishing Ebonheart Pact to complete my Cadwell's Gold achievement and then looking forward to starting the Morrowind expansion. I am lvl 50 crafting in all categories and am knowledgeable on most crafting other than the new furniture stuff.

Expacs owned: Thieve's Guild, Assassin's Guild, Morrowind, Summerset (pre-order)

Please post a reply here or contact me via in game mail/PM if you think your tribe would be a good fit for me. Cheers all!

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@Intrinsic_BibimbapCP 1107 Orc FemTemplar
  • Arobain
    seems like a pretty specific desire, and if you just do pve, faction isnt important
  • Shroudonus5735
    I think you would be a good fit in Knights of Obscenity!

    check out our discord and lets chat.
  • Kiarraswub17_ESO
    Welcome back to Tamriel, we have missed you. You have picked a great time to return with all the exciting changes coming next month.

    Kharanos Killers is a growing PVE progression focused guild without the pressures imposed by the high end min max demanding trial guilds.

    We have a mature group of player that enjoy off color humor while we pwn face in veteran group dungeons, trials or open world.

    We have a unique path to trials program designed to prepare new and returning players for end game glory with minimal heartburn.

    Please check us out online at to learn more or ping @kiarrasw in game.
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