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Found an old character file on my computer.

I was digging through several old gaming folders on my computer tonight and found this character outline from years ago. It isn't anything fantastic, or out of the ordinary, but I had completely forgotten about it and it brought back some good memories so I thought that I'd share.
Character Bios:
Quick thoughts on back stories..

Cregan Bregor -

An Imperial brigand, driven by an insatiable thirst for coin and adventure. Suffers a bit of a thirst of a different nature as well and has yet to turn down a free drink. Has a general dislike for the upper class of Tamriel. Although he enjoys the thrill of a complex heist, he's quick to resort to brute force should his plans go sour, or when patrolling the open roads.

Born: 2E 548
Age: 1 (Duh)

In his mid to late thirties by his best guess in present day. His mother was a barmaid out of some border village in the wilds between Cyrodiil and Hammerfell along the Brena River; she went missing when he was young, 10 maybe. Old enough to dress himself anyways. Hard to remember her face. Thinks she went by "Sweet Sadine." Possibly Redguard. Father is unknown, possibly some wayfarer from the Nibenay Basin to the far east or from the Colovian Highlands to the north. Dead most like. Can’t say for sure which one the Bregor name came from. His father by his best guess, however his name isn't very Cyrodiilic although he looks most certainly Imperial. His best estimation on the village's location is south west of Chorrol. He was young however and at that time any distance traveled seemed gigantic in scope.

Stow Away: 2E 558
Age: 10

Starving and abandoned, young Cregan eventually hid among the cargo on a ship headed down the Brena River and begged his way to the Redguard city of Rihad. Life wasn’t easy; waking up the next morning was never a certainty. He was a quick study on street smarts however. Seemed to have a knack for not being seen, was light of foot, agile, swift, and nimble of finger. The other urchins often said he must've been kissed in the crib by Nocturnal herself. Often found around the arena for the fat purses the wealthy wasted on their Games, but also to observe the fighters as they trained. Many nights were spent mimicking what he witnessed in the training yards in those early days.

The chance of death was always close at hand, but Cregan learned to take it in stride. The closest he ever came to dying before he actually did die, more on that later, happened in his mid-teens. The young man got separated from his gang one evening and found himself cornered in a back alley by a rival group of thugs for moving in on their territory. Such is life in the slums. Survived though, but lost an eye in the deal. The seasons passed and his talents grew. His trade expanded from pretty thievery to outright marauding. Every hardship faced was just another blow to the anvil, which over time forged him into the grizzled criminal whose banditry ranged from Hew's Bay all the way to Anvil on the Gold Coast.

Soulburst: 2E 579
Age: 31

Lore (Details unknown to Cregan until learned during main quest): Soulburst - An Arcane explosion in the Imperial City from when the Emperor attempted to become Dragonborn. This caused continental disasters all over Tamriel, as well as some mages going completely mad, and the dead to walk. Nirn had come unhinged from the fabric of the multiverse, as the mortal realm drew closer to Coldharbour, the Oblivion realm of Molag Bal.

Lore: The Three Banner War - The Alliance War, also known as the Three Banners War, was a war that occurred during the Second Era, which began in 2E 580 shortly after the First Aldmeri Dominion was formed after Queen Ayrenn returned to the Summerset Isles after decades of adventuring.

Retirement: 2E 583
Age: 35

He continued to prey on the weakened and disorganized for several years after a cataclysmic event, which later came to be known as the Soulburst by Tamriel's scholars, erupted in the Imperial City and left no corner of the nine Provinces unscathed. Cregan's infamy and bounty rose to an all time high. Unfortunately, operating so brazenly in not just one, but two provinces attracted all sorts of unwanted attention from various small time crime syndicates, merchant guilds with their bounty money, and local authorities alike. After several close calls Cregan knew it was only a matter of time before his luck would run dry. He yearned to once again be an unknown shadow, spending his “earnings” on ale and women in relative peace. He needed to get out, start over and find some like minded individuals who wouldn't be quite so quick to open up his throat while he slept. Preparations were made, loot was hidden, and a body bearing a well enough resemblance to him mysteriously turned up with a wanted poster to ensure that there was little doubt of his demise by the city watch.

The plan worked flawlessly, and he smirked to himself at the prospect of starting anew as he made his way across the province of Hammerfell. Cyrodiil was still in the grip of a full scale Daedric invasion and he had little taste for Elvish customs, so Cregan set his sights on High Rock. He had heard many tales of the aristocratic wealthy playing their games at court. He made sure to stay clear of large settlements and well traveled roads. However, the fates had other ideas. He awoke at dawn break along the base of the Corten Mountains on morning. Dazed and in chains as an unnatural darkness claimed the vision of his remaining eye; Cregan he slumped into unconsciousness. Captured, confused, and sacrificed in short order by the daedric Worm cult. His soul dedicated to Molag Bal by a sadistic Altmer named Mannimarco.

He survived that ordeal however, to some degree, although he’s short one soul at the moment. Perhaps he still has Nocturnal’s favor after all. His trip to Coldharbour affected him in other ways too. He was fished out of the Abecean Sea with the renewed stamina of a man half his age and with a mild affinity for magic, which he could harness to further enhance his already capable fighting skills. Cregan currently calls the back alley ways and taverns of Daggerfall home, but the inconspicuous life of a master thief will have to wait.

He has a score to settle with a Daedric Prince.

Please share your stories too if you wish. :)
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