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UI Error won't go away

In Bad Man's hollows... doing Mages Guild quest, morph a skill, come back, UI error is permanently stuck on screen rendering me useless... close app is the ONLY fix for it.
  • Valen_Byte
    What does the error say? Most times this is due to an addon. Have to figure out which one is doing it and disable it.
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  • Rittings
    Can't be an add-on. I'm PS4.
  • eco_TR
    is " /reloadui " command working?
    u have to type it to chat box. else relog is the only solution as u mentioned.
    I also get ui error, especially when I am taking/putting stuf (usually with maps/writs) to the chests in my house
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  • Rittings
    I'm sure it would work - however... you can't access chat. You literally can do NOTHING... Can't even hit "enter" on the keyboard to bring the chat up. It literally freezes you out of everything.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    First thing to try is mash whatever key gets you to the menu that you would log out with. Then go back to the game.

    No joy, I have had these persistant UI errors on the PC that did not seem to be attributable to an addon, and usually a restart of the game fixed it. Not a relog, but complete restart of the game. On the console that may or may not also mean a restart of the box to clear the cache.
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  • Rittings
    Here is a video of said event happening this morning to me too... this time in Cyrodiil. Thankfully only facing NPCs at this time, but all you can do is move around - you can't pull any skills or anything. Renders you utterly useless.

  • Nocturnal_Annoyance
    I get the same type of error whenever I try go to my guild's heraldry options. Ps4 NA. Recent issue for sure. If I hit the touchpad and option buttons at the same time, it will bring up the small chat window and I can type reloadui. That's the only way i have found to fix it without closing app. -_-
  • Joshua261
    I get UI erors if I have been messing with skills and on the skill bar and then jump out of menu instead of going back stage by stage back into the game, fixed it by going back into skills and then closing them properly
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