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Mag Sorc - PVP build suggestions? Battleground/Imperial City?

Hi guys,

Would the same gear be "decent" enough to be suitable for both things? I'm trying to do battlegrounds to get the wizards riposte set but I'm not sure if I'll need that set for Imperial city? Is it decent?

Otherwise, what would be a good setup to run for imperial city / battlegrounds?

5x shackle
1x domi
5x lich (incl. Resto staff)
1 master staff / other inferno staff?

"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop."

Current Toons (Max CP):
Magsorc Breton
Magblade Darkelf
Stam DK Redguard
Healer Templar High Elf
Tank DK Argonian
Stamblade Redguard

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  • Checkmath
    your build should work fine for all pvp contents. you can change lich with wizards to be a bit more tanky too.
    its a pretty standard setup for magsorc in pvp, so works on bgs, open world and surely also in IC. also npcs in IC will die fast enough with such a build, if telvar farming is what you want. for telvar farming by killing daedras, i would go for lich, since npcs cant crit and therefore wizards is senseless against npcs.
    Edited by Checkmath on April 12, 2018 1:28PM
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