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The Exiled Dunmer (Guild Recruitment, Xbox, EU)

Soul Shriven
Forced to take on a new name, Gwenevere Jule had been cast aside because of her unwillingness to please her house. She angered them, releasing slaves from captivity, and sparking a rebellion. Her nanny was an slave who had stepped on the wrong soil, resulting in her slaughter right there in the middle of the street. Years had gone by, allowing Gwen to believe that this is and will always be her new path. She begged for forgiveness but the countless times she had been beaten down had left her scarred, broken and weak. There was no clear path for redemption but one thing was certain, she will have her revenge. Now keep in mind, she isn't the sort to go around heartlessly killing innocents and major generals of her own race. She was a devout believer in the fact that her bloodline was to be protected, no matter how big or small it was. Her race was what she identified with. Gwen knew nothing other than that she was a mystical mer that only needed one thing in her life in order to outwit her Telvanni superiors. She needed help, big time. After becoming a rogue adventurer, Gwen learnt this fact based on the mere people she brought herself to hang out with. Gwenevere would gladly slaughter Daedra in order to secure knowledge in the mystical arts but, above all, once she has exacted her revenge, what lies ahead of her journeys?

Now that, fellow adventurer, is where you come in.
I am in need of people who are;
- Devoted to the upkeep of a race
- Respectful of the preservation of knowledge
- In need of the opportunities presented to acquire said knowledge

All of this is achievable but I must ask you of one thing. Will you join the fight, to make things right within your environment and yourself?
That's why I have created a guild, devout in acquiring knowledge and protecting knowledge, in order to protect their people as a whole, whether it be the guild or your own race.

The Proctors of Knowledge
The design of this guild is to come together, share your knowledge you have gathered from your adventures, which will then be collected and stored in our library.
Quests will be assigned to those who come including;
- Bringing books to the guild hall, upon which you will share your findings and report on how it is you came to be in possession of this book.
- Going on runs with guild members, in order to discover how a specific creature reacts. (Creature can be world bosses, delve bosses and/or dungeon bosses)

Sessions will run where everyone can gather and host a meeting where stories will be told, detailing strategies of winning the upcoming war with the daedra and dremora.

There will be an option provided later on where you can trade books and sell books within the guild.

I am going to create a custom questline for the adventurer to complete, winning different rewards for each quest done. This will function as if it was a proper ESO quest with custom rewards!

Basis for Questline
You have been tasked with helping Gwenevere Jule accomplish her mission of revenge. She has told you of her past and would like for you to determine her future. Will she become the benevolent leader she was destined to be, will she fall or will she be directed onto a brand new course. Your choices will influence the outcome.
You have a choice as to whether or not you want to complete this solo, or if you would like to complete it with friends. BE WARNED: Completing the questline with friends will result in a different outcome than if you were to do this quest by yourself.

To Join:
- You must be an active participant in ESO
- You must take part in questlines provided
- You must be on the Xbox, EU server
- Message unocash66655 on Xbox Live for an invite

Note: There are no restrictions on class, level, race or alliance as this is an all inclusive guild!

What are you waiting for? Get enlisting!

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