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[Kharanos Killers] now recruiting for End game & RP shenanigans


If the name seems vaguely familiar it is because it is a nod to our early adventures in Azeroth where we started our humble journey in the MMORPG community.

The name is purposely silly as we do not take ourselves overly seriously here despite being an end game focused progression oriented guild. (wow that was a mouthful!)

We are currently recruiting fresh talent as well as seasoned veteran trial rolf-stompers alike. The only criteria is that you are active, put forth the effort and are cool to hang with.

We have a strict no drama policy, use adult language and love to bs in Discord about random topics while pnwing face in open world, veteran dungeons or really any place our adventurous spirits lead us.

We offer a unique Path to Trials program designed to help new players reach raid-ready status in an efficient orderly manner with limited heartache.

In addition to end game activities we also enjoy open world activities which we cycle through to satisfy the completionists types in the group who must collect all the momentos, skyshards, titles and other shiny things ZOS has provided for our enjoyment.

No self-respecting ESO guild can ignore the RP elements so deliciously baked in to the game. We offer special In-Character Discord events as well as the traditional all text style activities to advance our main guild story line as well as a myriad of side stories for the RP crowd.

To learn more about us, visit us on the Web at or catch me online to chat. - @kiarrasw
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  • Kiarraswub17_ESO
    We still have room for quality new people to join us on line. Feel free to drop by our discord and leave your in game contact info so we can chat. You can find the details on our website at
  • Kiarraswub17_ESO
    We are running a special discord rp trial event this weekend. Yep, we do things a bit differently around here. Check us out online to see why you should join.
  • Kiarraswub17_ESO
    Still looking for fun active players to join us for end game shenanigans.

    I am too derp to check my mail regularly so if you can't catch @kiarrasw online for an invite, feel free to check in with @atomicheavy or @kamonso if I am offline.
  • Kiarraswub17_ESO
    We are currently looking for dps roles. Seems we have plenty of tanks and healers but could use some quality damage dealers to fill out our raid roster.

    If you are looking for a beginner trial guild that runs several times a week then please check us out online or give us a shout in game for more details.

    It won't be long before we are ready to jump in to vet trials so claim your spot while you can!
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